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Welcome to the Peaceful Parenting Program

If you’re looking for a solution to a specific parenting problem in your life, this Peaceful Parenting Solutions program is tailored for you. It’s designed to address outdated parenting techniques inherited from previous generations, as we now have a better understanding of child and human development through the latest research. By exploring your inner self, this program provides a professional sounding board to help you uncover the right path as a parent. Rest assured, you’re in the right place!

Break free from the burdens of parenting style of your past generations! Since the arrival of your child, do you feel like you've lost touch with your true self, and you're uncertain how to rediscover happiness and joy?

  • The weight of motherhood feels overwhelming, and you realise that you can no longer live your life in the same way as before. 
  • Your child is evoking unexpected emotional reactions in you, leaving you puzzled. 
  • Despite reading numerous parenting books, you find yourself unable to fully embrace a more peaceful and nurturing parenting approach. 
  • What you truly desire is to discover a path towards balance and happiness, where you can feel empowered and become the loving parent you aspire to be for your children.

Today, I am the mother of triplets living a life filled with love, while raising emotionally healthy and happy children. I want the same for you because you deserve it!

Through accessing your subconscious mind, which governs your decision-making process, you can experience a remarkably powerful transformation that surpasses other parenting programs. Join the ranks of hundreds of parents who have achieved lasting change through Rapid Transformational Therapy. This highly effective approach combines the best elements of hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, neuro linguistic programming, and psychotherapy, resulting in unparalleled results. You will gain access to the most effective parenting tools, grounded in the latest discoveries in attachment science, nervous system science, mindsight and brain science, as well as playful parenting, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence. Isn’t that amazing?

Tap into your inner super parent and rediscover the person you thought you had lost after becoming a parent.

  • Picture a life where you can respond to your child’s behaviour with calmness and empathy, free from the burden of parent guilt for things you did or didn’t do.
  • Imagine the mental space you would reclaim by no longer engaging in daily power struggles.
  • You would finally find peace within yourself, embracing the knowledge that you are more than enough and that you are a lovable parent just as you are.

Peaceful Parenting Program

1:1 tailored parenting support

Embark on a profound healing journey and empower yourself with cutting-edge parenting tools grounded in the latest scientific research.

Recognize that as a parent, you hold the key to shaping the future of your children. Embrace the opportunity to rewrite your past and influence the trajectory of your own life.

This program is built on the understanding that your child’s behaviour is a reflection of their needs and your own triggers. By initiating personal change, you can witness a transformation in your child’s behaviour. That’s why I am wholeheartedly dedicated to the exceptional fusion of Rapid Transformational Therapy and parent-centred coaching that this program offers.

Sometimes there is just no time for long programs!

This 4-week Peaceful Parenting Program is the right fit if you are looking for a solution to a specific problem in your life.
You parent by default, parenting how your parents did. With the latest research on child and human development, we know that most of the parenting tools from previous generations are outdated and don’t lead to the desired outcome.
If you are ready to go inwards to find the solution to your problem and if you are in need of a professional sounding board to uncover the right path for you as a parent, then book a session today.

Here's what you can anticipate:

  1. Release Unsupportive Beliefs: You will let go of limiting belief patterns rooted in your own upbringing. These beliefs, along with unwanted reactions to your child’s behaviour and negative self-talk, guilt, or sadness, stem from experiences in your childhood that may be stored in your subconscious mind.
  2. Healing and Empowerment: By healing and moving beyond your past, you will tap into an incredible sense of empowerment. Unleash the inner power within you to parent with integrity and authenticity.
  3. Personalized Tools and Strategies: The tools and strategies you learn will be customised to your specific needs and situation. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. I will guide you in finding your unique solutions, allowing you to truly enjoy the journey of parenting.
  4. Small Changes, Big Impact: Even small adjustments in your behaviour can have a profound ripple effect. By enhancing your communication, establishing new structures and boundaries, and bringing greater awareness to your daily life, you will witness the remarkable transformation in your family. I have witnessed this firsthand with numerous clients and their families.

1:1 Intake Call With Me

4 Live Coaching Sessions Via Zoom

1 Break-through Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

1 Tailored Audio Hypnosis Recording

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